Visit Bursaries

Through the generous support of The Eridge Trust, we are delighted to be able to offer a small number of bursaries to enable a visit for pupils to the New Art Centre. The Eridge Trust is a charitable trust whose purpose is to encourage young people to enjoy and appreciate visual art.

What it is

Bursaries of up to £250 are available to support the cost of transport to and from the sculpture park and/or the entry cost per pupil.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a bursary, please email [email protected] explaining in no more than 200 words:

  • How much you require to support your visit (up to £250)
  • Why you need the bursary (please quantify with factual evidence / statistics about your school’s particular need)
  • How the bursary will be used, including the number of pupils that will benefit

Additional Requirements

Please note that if you are successful in your application, there are two requirements:

  • That a member of senior staff and/or a governor accompanies the visit. This is to enable senior staff / governors to observe first-hand the experiences of the pupils during the visit with the intention that funding for annual visits will be sourced by the school, thereby creating a sustainable model.
  • That the experience of the visit is quantified through a short written evaluation by the lead member of staff for our report to The Eridge Trust.

Bursaries are allocated on the basis of need and all decisions made by The Roche Court Educational Trust are final. You will be contacted by email within two weeks of your application.


Pupils with Michael Craig-Martin, 'Wheelbarrow (red)', 2013 © the artist and courtesy New Art Centre