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Artwork created for the ‘Inside Out: Outside In’ installation, 2018. © The Multi Sensory Art Project

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The Multi-Sensory Art Project is a collaboration between The Roche Court Educational Trust and Larkrise School, Trowbridge to provide creative and sensory experiences for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Art installations are created in the school and are an opportunity for the students and staff to experience, react and respond within these environments, allowing individual expression, communication and very early play skills.

The installation also travels to Exeter House School, Salisbury.


‘Inside Out: Outside In’, The Multi Sensory Art Project, 2018 © The Roche Court Educational Trust

2018 Installation – Inside Out: Outside In. For further information visit the Multi Sensory Art Project website.

The 2018 installation is a celebration of multi-sensory experiences of the domestic interior and the outside natural world. Where does one begin and the other end? Can one become the other? In this installation we turn the multi-sensory dome inside out.

Inside Out

The exterior of the dome becomes a familiar domestic interior on an unfamiliar scale, with the colour turned up! We use many items and artefacts that when experienced in domestic spaces are common place but through a sensory exploration and new context, present a world of possibilities.

Outlines of everyday objects appear in the installation, in a variety of scales and materials. The use of colour and pattern for Inside Out accentuates form, shape and materials, creating an imaginative perception of the everyday, a world full of colour. Everyday plastic containers and objects are transformed and accentuated through repetitive patterns in coloured tapes to become a banqueting table of interactive delights.

Objects made and used for ‘Inside Out’ can be categorised and ordered by the viewer. These objects are to be held, repositioned, taken care of and touched just as we would in our own homes, in a way to personalise and make connections with inanimate objects. ‘Inside Out’ provides an opportunity to reside in a creative space, rediscover domestic objects and most importantly create a space of your own.

Outside In

The interior of the dome transforms into the elemental experience of wandering through Roche Court Sculpture Park. Sky and interwoven branches form our ceiling, with mixed media flowers and grass becoming the rug beneath our feet. Sounds of nature and the elements weave with smells and textures in objects to handle, to get inside, peek into and even some to eat. Being in the Sculpture Park can be an Alice in Wonderland type experience – where we can find familiar objects at an unusual scale, formed into unexpected shapes or made of contradictory materials: a huge, bright pink, three-dimensional steel drawing of a light bulb, golden bees swarming in the form of a resonating cello and well-worn armchairs cast in concrete sitting on a lawn.

‘Outside In’ provides an opportunity to create natural sensory worlds, discover familiar creatures and perhaps create a few new imaginative animals of your own. Using the artists’ interest in creating stories and imaginative places, objects and creatures, the installation invites audiences to create their own narratives and to interact with the objects through all their senses.


Artwork created for the 'Inside Out: Outside In' installation, 2018. © The Multi Sensory Art Project

Artwork created for the ‘Inside Out: Outside In’ installation, 2018. © The Multi Sensory Art Project

Background behind the installation

The installation has been created by many artists including lead maker Rebecca Churchill, Artist at Larkrise School. The Roche Court Educational Trust, an arts education charity based at the New Art Centre Sculpture Park and Gallery in Wiltshire, is the creative partner on the project. The ‘Inside Out: Outside In’ art installation has been inspired by a variety of sculptures exhibited at Roche Court Sculpture Park. Artists of particular inspiration have included Michael Craig-Martin, Jim Lambie, Allen Jones, Nina Saunders, Laura Ellen Bacon, Laura Ford and Bill Woodrow . The project is designed to bring modern and contemporary art to those who are least likely to access it. We encourage all who encounter the installation to explore, experience and imagine art through all the senses.



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