Discover ARTiculation Challenge

The Discover ARTiculation Challenge is a competition for KS4 students, organised and delivered by the University of Leeds.

The aim is to engage KS4 students by encouraging them to express their opinions, thoughts and ideas about art with confidence, and to enjoy researching their chosen piece.

Each student is invited to submit a 2 – 3 minute film of themselves speaking about a work of art, architecture or artefact of their choice.

Judges from the University of Leeds and our partner galleries view every submission looking at content, structure, delivery and the speaker’s original approach and unique potential before choosing entrants to go forward as finalists.

For more information please contact Ellie Johnson, University of Leeds [email protected] and take a look at the ARTiculation Challenge Information Pack for schools 2020/21 and at the University of Leeds outreach website.

Details for the 2022 competition will be released later this year.