ARTiculation Networks

The range of partners and their generosity across the board to support and encourage young people to engage with and discuss the arts, accounts for the continued success of ARTiculation and its expansion.

Our network begins with the schools whose teachers and students we work with, the venues where Discovery Days and ARTiculation Prize events are held, and the universities that provide experts and undergraduate input into our Ambassadors programme. Partnership with adjudicators is also key to our wider delivery.

All students who take part are invited to join the ARTiculation Alumni programme. Alumni are given opportunities to gain work experience, to speak in public, to write for publications and to join training and mentoring schemes.


We are enormously grateful to the hundreds of adjudicators who, over the years, have all generously given their time and expertise to contribute to the ARTiculation Prize.

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Over 450 past ARTiculation Prize participants are now part of the network, officially launched in 2016.

We create and find opportunities for alumni such as work experience in arts organisations, presenting their talks at conferences and developing their presentations into written articles.

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The ARTiculation Ambassadors’ scheme is open to 18 to 23 year olds regardless of background and discipline. Ambassadors are invited to take part in training sessions to subsequently support the preparation and delivery of Discovery Days. Ambassadors are given travel bursaries and are paid for their time and the work that they do.

The Ambassadors scheme is supported by the Art Fund.

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Cultural Institutions, Organisations and Universities

We work with over 50 museums, galleries, archives and universities across the country, empowering young people to look, think and speak about artworks that inspire them. The generosity from partners to help, support and encourage young people to engage and discuss the arts, is central to the initiative’s development and success.

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ARTiculation relies on the generous support of individual donors, Trusts and Foundations. We are extremely grateful for their support which has been instrumental in ARTiculation’s development.

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The ARTiculation network begins with schools whose teachers we work with.

Hundreds of teachers from across the UK and and Ireland sign up to take part in the ARTiculation initiative every year.

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