ARTiculation Alumni

Over 450 past ARTiculation Prize participants are now part of the network, officially launched in 2016.

We create and find opportunities for alumni such as work experience in arts organisations, presenting their talks at conferences and developing their presentations into written articles.

ARTiculation Alumni Network

The ARTiculation Alumni network continues to grow more robust with more and more institutions calling on ARTiculation Alumni to engage audiences at their exhibitions, special events and within the digital world.

Some recent activity:

HENI Talks

Six Alumni shared their thoughts and opinions on modern and contemporary sculpture on film, as part of our collaboration with HENI Talks in the new Young Voices online series, which is being showcased alongside the country’s top scholars and art critics.  

Watch Lucy Miller and Oliver Garland talk about Peter Randall-Page’s Fructus here

Watch Qabir Alli and Marianne Whiting talk about Barbara Hepworth’s Family of Man here

Watch Femi Themen and Cassius Ashcroft talk about Richard Long’s Tame Buzzard Line here 

The National Gallery, London:

Alumnus Elliot Brown (2019 Bishop Vesey’s) took part in the ‘One painting, Many Voices’ You Tube series. He gave his reactions to Holbein’s The Ambassadors. It now has over 7,000 views.

Six alumni offered their responses to The National Gallery’s Sin exhibition, all to be used to engage audience members.

You Tube

Alumna Verity Babbs (2013) presented a three-part series of public speaking videos geared to give tips and guidance to young people.

The Alumni Network brought together alumni Verity Babbs and Alayo Akinkgube (founder of @ablackhistoryofart – over 53,000 followers on Instagram) for a conversation on ARTiculation and art on Verity Babbs’s You Tube channel Verity Babbs Art.

Art Friends of Cambridgeshire

Alumnus Peter Lord (2019 Grand Finalist, King Edward VI, Birmingham) spoke on Christopher Nevinson’s Paths of Glory which was followed by a talk by Prof Caroline Vout, University of Cambridge. All the proceeds from the event were donated to ARTiculation.

Association for Art History, Ways of Seeing Conference

Alumna Temi Erinle (2020, V&A) spoke on Exekias’s Attic black figure Amphora, 540-530 BC.

Alumni Takeovers on Instagram

Alumna by Siana Jade (2019, John of Gaunt School) showed the ARTiculation Instagram network an inside view into her first week of Art Foundation at Wiltshire College Trowbridge. She attributed ARTiculation to her recent success, saying ‘If it wasn’t for ARTiculation, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to even apply for a Foundation’, whilst encouraging others to ‘try something new even if it’s scary’.

ARTiculation blog

Alumni contributed to the Prize by writing up reviews of Prize events which we published on the ARTiculation blog. See their reviews here.


We are proud of our ARTiculation Alumni who tell us how their participation in the initiative allowed them to seek new opportunities and develop their ideas about studying arts subjects.

Alumni are also invited to contribute to the ARTiculation blog a place for them to share their experiences, their practice, ideas and opinions.

If you have taken part in ARTiculation, please get in touch to join our network of young people interested, or involved, in the arts.

I’ve gained so much confidence over the whole process in who I am and how I express myself. In seeking to understand these artists and their work, I have also found myself to be passionate about articulating what underlies our common humanity. The competition has been formative in shaping my outlook and hopes for the future. I’m thrilled to have secured work experience placement at the National Galleries of Scotland this summer and will be applying to study History of Art at university. 

Zach Taylor from Abbey Grange Academy won first place in 2019

Thanks to ARTiculation, I found myself with a newfound confidence and ability for public speaking. Suddenly I could share my thoughts, my interpretations, and do so publicly in front of a vast audience of people with ease. It opened up a world for me that I never thought I could be a part of; I am now more curious, more open minded and much more willing to engage with others about art, enriching both my own understandings and others.

I feel now that I owe so much to the ARTiculation team for new friendships, new outlooks on life, and most importantly for them giving me a voice, and allowing me to speak.’

Oliver Garland from Kesteven and Sleaford, who was an ARTiculation Prize Grand Finalist in 2019 and is now at Central Saint Martins.

ARTiculation has provided me with a platform to speak about artworks I cherish and personally admire, with others who are passionate about the art world and its history. The opportunity to be in a creative environment, filled with a plethora of young people with unique and diverse ideas regarding art has further enhanced my captivation…Finally, while increasing my confidence in public speaking, the prize has enabled me to make friends and connections from across the length and breadth of the country that I fully intend to keep in contact with. 

Cassius Ashcroft from Ibstock Place School, who recently took part in the recent collaboration with Heni Talks