Primary school visit to Roche Court © The Roche Court Educational Trust

Primary school visit to Roche Court © The Roche Court Educational Trust

Primary School Visits

‘Thank you for letting me look.’ From Eliza, Aged 7

‘Thank you once again for all the efforts to make the day age appropriate, and most importantly to fit our class topic.’ Primary School Teacher

‘I just wanted to let you know that at our Year 2 leavers assembly, out of 120 children at least 20 said their best memory in all of their time at the school was their visit to Roche Court. I think this only goes to show what an amazing experience this was for our children and what an impact it made!’ Primary School Teacher 

‘Thank you for a wonderful experience. As always your ability to bring the art work to life and for the students to feel that their ideas are valuable is brilliant. The students are our most vulnerable for many reasons and I think they did incredibly well…It was a joy to see one girl who has little self-confidence realise she had great and imaginative ideas…that she couldn’t get it wrong!’ Artist Educator working with a primary school

‘Many, many thanks for your time yesterday, you added such value to the children’s learning and in that short time, we managed to expand their vocabulary significantly!’ Primary School Headteacher

‘It was the most wonderful visit, the children loved it and so did I. I did not know what to expect beforehand and was completely blown away by the beautiful sculptures, situated in such a fantastic setting. The guides were absolutely brilliant – so knowledgeable, so enthusiastic, so clever at drawing the kids in and answering their questions. I can’t thank you enough for providing us with such a fantastic experience. How lucky our children are to have been exposed to such delicious artwork at such a young age!’ Primary School teacher

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School Visit to Roche Court. Richard Long, Tame Buzzard Line, 2011 © the artists and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

Secondary School Visits 

‘The Art Department has attended annual visits to The New Art Centre for the past five years with our GCSE groups. The experience of the day, planned expertly by the staff at Roche Court has had a measurable effect on student’s perception of sculpture and its placement in an environment.  Students feel at ease to offer feedback and as a consequence they often surprise their teachers with their insights on the day! Back at school, in their sketchbooks into year eleven, we start to see a change in their understanding of art and their journal comments are often thought provoking and intuitive.’ Secondary School Teacher and Head of Key stage 4 Art

‘Roche Court have provided us with an excellent experience, allowing students to openly discuss exciting contemporary art. The wonderful education staff create an environment that promotes open thinking, giving students the opportunity to articulate their opinions on art and its contexts. We are thoroughly spoilt to live and work so near this wonderful resource and return again and again and again!’ Secondary School Teacher and Head of Art

Students attending ‘David Batchelor in Conversation’ event in the Artists House Image courtesy New Art Centre © Bowness, Hepworth Estate

Students attending ‘David Batchelor in Conversation’ event in the Artists House Image courtesy New Art Centre © Bowness, Hepworth Estate

‘Thank you so much for our wonderful trip to Roche Court. Both staff and students had a brilliant time. We are really keen to bring some other students to visit and benefit from the experience that you gave us – the use of the sensory box and ‘treasure hunt’ mode to find the sculptures was perfect for our young people as was the collaborative art work after lunch. Roche Court is such a special place – I am so glad we have found you!’ Special Educational Needs and Disabilities School Teacher

‘Our staff and pupils enjoyed the visit to the New Art Centre immensely. The fact that we were able to correspond with you beforehand about what we wanted to get out of the trip and the focus for the day definitely helped. Your guides pitched their talk and their questions perfectly to their audience. The experience of discovering the sculpture in the landscape was also important. Pupils were able to consider the setting in a way that they might not have done if they were in a gallery. I am always looking to find art experiences that are accessible and relevant for our pupils and the afternoon at the New Art Centre certainly fits this bill.’ Secondary School Teacher.

College Visits

‘I think you are doing an amazing job. The educational programme is the best in the country from what I have experienced.’ Winchester College Teacher

‘Roche Court and the New Art Centre feels like London in Salisbury…so local but feels like a hidden gem in the countryside offering bespoke days for our students to suit our studies and schemes of work and knowledgeable staff who are enthusiastic and totally dependable.’ Sixth form Teacher

Teachers visiting Anthony Caro's studio © The Roche Court Educational Trust

Teachers visiting Anthony Caro’s studio © The Roche Court Educational Trust

Teacher Support

‘Thank you thank you thank you so very much for today. I feel like I’ve been floundering for years for places of creativity outside of the major cities for teachers. All of the art advisors for Wiltshire are many years long gone. So finding a hidden gem like you today was like finding an oasis of creativity.’ Primary School Teacher

‘The whole day was an inspiration. At the end of a very hard academic year, it was a chance for me as an art teacher to take a step back and reflect; in beautiful surroundings and with skilled staff. I will take back many ideas, further questions, lessons and activities. Well done!’ Primary Teacher


‘I have completed in 2 hours what I have been meaning to do for 2 terms!’ Primary school teacher comment on our Primary Arts Curriculum review event.

‘We are so lucky to visit and enjoy an artist’s work and legacy in such intimate surroundings. How else would we gain access to such spaces, places and people without the intervention and outreach from Roche? I have much to take back to colleagues and students, both in a practical sense and philosophically.’ Teacher comment following visit to Anthony Caro’s studio.

‘A very insightful day. Being able to visit a working studio is a great opportunity to gain visual knowledge to take back into the classroom. By engaging in a range of practical activities it automatically got me thinking and talking with my colleague on how to apply these activities into our lessons. Overall the day created a range of visual, tactile and communicative methods to take back to my classes.’ Lecturer comment following visit to Anthony Caro’s studio.

‘In a busy school year I find little of the time to explore and develop new techniques and practice. Days at Roche Court always inspire and inform what I do in the classroom. They are crucial in improving what I do’. Teacher participant on ‘Clay Without a Kiln with Artist Phoebe Cummings’ course

‘This has been an incredibly valuable day – not only providing us with the techniques and skills to pass onto our school children, but also the medium through which to channel inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed today and can’t wait to translate all I have learnt to the classroom’. Teacher participant on ‘Clay Without a Kiln with Artist Phoebe Cummings’ course


‘What a great day! My students came back to school really buzzing with ideas and excitement. The day gave a real insight in to the diversity of roles within the creative industry.’ Sixth Form Tutor who attended a Careers Seminar

‘Informative on job roles in design. Changed views on sculpture, showing the location and environment changes thoughts. Thank you! Student attending Design seminar

‘It has clarified various career paths and also made me aware of how important it is to talk to people and not work in isolation’. Student attending careers seminar 

‘Given me hope and inspired me to take any opportunity that comes my way. I have been given so much information and I am so glad that I came along’. Student attending careers seminar November 2015

‘I really appreciated the business advice. Very often it is technique or practice based so this was very refreshing’. Student attending careers seminar

The Multi-Sensory Art Project

‘You immediately understood my passion and the need to keep the work rooted in the art world. To have my work validated by another artist, in the way you have imbues confidence. I am so incredibly glad that your post enables you to work like you do. Helping me to interpret the art work at Roche and understand the vision of the artists allows me in turn to open up a world of possibilities to the young people I work with. Helping me bring art into the world of people who are so usually so constrained, medicalised and adulterated is of profound importance. It brings health and well-being benefits, touches souls and that is truly magic. Thank you; you are a very special person.’ Artist and Educator


Mencap South Wilts with Eva Rothschild’s ‘Meta’ © the artist and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

South Wiltshire MENCAP

‘THANK YOU Emma and Roche Court Education Trust for a simply marvellous two-day sculpture workshop for our younger members with a learning disability. How does one assess the enjoyment factor of working with people like our young members? Simply, it can be the smiles witnessed on their faces and what was said on the evaluation forms.

But put in words that summarise all the components of the two days:- 1. Programme content and appropriateness to suit all levels of need – 100%. 2. Full participation opportunity and the feeling that each Member’s thoughts and ideas counted – 100%. 3. The variety of linked sensory activities to ensure /help full participation – 100%. 4. A deeper understanding on how to get the best out of our young Members, as well as the need to use flexibility in a set programme – 100%.

Patricia (grand-mother) approached me afterwards to say this ” I cannot believe how Jade has grown in confidence in just two days, in doing this with Roche Court and (South Wilts) Mencap she has really blossomed! Thank you.”

Jeremy Bugden, Family Support South Wiltshire Mencap 

‘The arts take us all into a different world and this is of particular value to those with a learning disability. We were delighted that three of those who attended did not usually come to our other activities. It was very generous of Roche Court to have provided five sessions entirely without charge. What really matters however is your commitment, Emma and Becky. Without your skills, imagination and dedication these events would not be the success they are.’

Nigel Afford, Chair for South Wiltshire Mencap

Seeing Beyond, Tedworth House

‘Once again thank you to you both for a wonderful visit in the rain! You are great with the guys and really get what I am after for them and their recovery.’ Tedworth House Staff

Bourne Academy students  performing at the Exchanges 2016 Showcase © The  Roche Court Educational Trust

Bourne Academy students performing at the Exchanges 2016 Showcase © The Roche Court Educational Trust


‘I have seen a development in the students understanding of choreographing and ways of thinking about how to approach and develop the movement. We also use this experience to contribute to the coursework students have to produce for their BTEC qualification. The programme really allows our students to develop an understanding in how art and dance can work together to inspire and develop pieces of work. It gives them the chance to reflect and experiment with movement to create a finished piece of the work. It is often the first time most of my students have ever visited gallery so the experience exposes them to new skills and thoughts. The outcome of showing the performance at Pavilion Dance gives our students a goal to work towards but also the chance to experience performing in professional venue.  My students clearly gained confidence and developed their communication and leadership skills through working with each other and students from other schools.’ Dance Teacher

‘I learnt much about their differing approaches to making art. I discovered that I could look at sculptures with new eyes and that understanding land art and dance is not that different in actual fact.’ Dance student

‘I feel that going to Roche court expanded my creative development tremendously.’ Dance Student

Family workshops 1 FEB

Family Workshop participants, February 2016 © the artists and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

Family Workshops

‘For me, one of the many things the family workshop does is help to fill an educational void! Both my sons’ schools are not currently providing art trips – as we know these are becoming few and far between especially at Key Stage 3 it seems. The opportunity for the children to visit an ‘exhibition’ space and discuss / question the work with others in situ is invaluable.’ Parent

‘The workshops are invaluable. Your enthusiasm for the art and the subject matter you were introducing to the children was contagious. I try to expose my children to as many workshops in museums and art centres as we can. However, I have never seen them as engaged as they were during this workshop, and I believe this was due to the outstanding combination of your enthusiasm, the inspiring environment, an incredibly well organised structure to the morning and the wealth of materials the children were offered to work with.’ Parent.

‘We enjoyed your workshop ‘Material Language’ on 31 May, 2016. We thought it was a valuable exploration of the expressive qualities of clay and other materials…You were also thoughtful enough to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to talk about their piece of work and receive praise for it. We thought the parkland, the gallery and Artists House were very attractive environments and the whole experience was a stimulus to creativity.’ Family workshop participant.

‘This is the best holiday activity we know’. Parent.

‘‘The holidays wouldn’t be the same without your workshops’. Parent.

Arts Award

Cranborne Middle School Arts Award students © the artist and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

Cranborne Middle School Arts Award students © the artist and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

‘We all had such a wonderful day; pupils, staff and parent helpers. It was a real chance to immerse ourselves in art and take time to reflect in the most wonderful setting with the most fantastic staff. I know we communicated beforehand about the package you would offer on the day and it was perfect. Your delivery was pitched just right to our children and they blossomed under your tutelage. Being given the opportunity to learn in depth about a sculptor’s work and to have the freedom to ask and answer direct questions and ponder others is not something that we always have time to do in our one precious Art lesson a week. I was particularly impressed with your questioning and how this elicited deeper responses from the children. I will certainly take back some of what I learned from you back to my own classroom and teaching.’ Head of Art, delivering Explorer and Bronze Arts Awards.

‘It has been a fantastic opportunity for our groups of young people to visit Roche Court. The Award Project  have used the trip for their Arts Award, none of them had been to any sort of exhibition before and one young man commented on how ‘peaceful’ it made him feel, which he said was an unusual emotion for him. Andover Education Centre have been using examples for their GCSE work and the young carers used the visit as a positive and creative day away from their home responsibilities. Thank you Roche Court Educational Trust for allowing these vulnerable young people to access your amazing sculptures and resources, they have been inspired which is lovely to see.’ Charlotte Slinger, Youth Arts Development Officer 

To see more about The Award Project see here