Current Exhibition


Four legs good, two legs bad

10 Aug – 15 Sep 2019


The New Art Centre’s new exhibition ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ explores interpretations by artists and designers of human factors and ergonomics through themes of the chair and the human body.

n. chair (châr)

1.  A piece of furniture designed to accommodate one sitting or reclining person, providing support for the back and often the arms and      typically standing on four legs.

2.  A seat of office, authority or dignity.

3.  A person who holds an office or a position of authority, such as one who presides over a meeting; a chairperson.

4.  The position of a player in an orchestra.

According to studies, the average British person will spend more than 18 years of their adult life sitting down. We spend around seven hours a day in variations of chairs: office chairs, car seats, sofas. Chairs are integral to our daily existence. The artists featured in this exhibition interrogate our ideas of the chair as an object. What does a chair look like? How must it function? How do our bodies determine our interaction and engagement with this most ubiquitous piece of furniture? How does a chair become art?

Featuring works by: Anton Alvarez, Phyllida Barlow, Matthew Hilton, Nina Saunders, Julian Stair and Katie Walker.