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School Visit to Roche Court. Richard Long, ‘Tame Buzzard Line’. David Nash, ‘Black Butt’ © the artists and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

School and Group Visits

We offer interactive tours of the Sculpture Park and current gallery exhibitions for schools, colleges, universities and other interested groups. Designed to meet the specific needs and interests of individual groups, tours are appropriate for all ages and levels of knowledge.

All group visits must be booked in advance and a small charge is made per head.

I don’t normally have the opportunity to visit artworks such as sculptures, and if I do, I wouldn’t have the chance to learn the background information on the art  or artists. This was a most interesting experience. Our trip gave us insight to develop our ideas and explorations for one of our modules.’

Dance Student

Roche Court provides an outstanding educational programme for secondary schools. Theale have visited with both 11 year olds and 17 year olds in recent weeks. The tour of the park offer by Roche Court was engaging and well-paced. Students were engaged by open questioning and keen to take part in a process that supported students’ attempts to delve deeper into the art work’s meaning. Staff were considerate of our students needs and very understanding of issues we had regarding numbers of students on the trip. The length of the tour of the park was clearly planned to match our students ability to focus and learn productively.                                                                                      The work students undertook and the opportunities to engage verbally and                                                                                                 practically with the artwork has ensured students make clear progress towards                                                                                         national curriculum requirements.’ 

                                                                                   – Andrew Wilson, Head of Art, Theale Green Community School


To enquire or to organise a visit contact our Education Team

E:  T:01980 862802

Alternatively please see here for more details of how to organise a group visit