Seeing Beyond- Tedworth House

‘Seeing Beyond’ is a partnership programme between the Help for Heroes run recovery centre Tedworth House and The Roche court Educational Trust. The Trust provide interactive visits around the Sculpture Park and current exhibitions at the New Art Centre once a month to support programmes of activity at the centre. 

Residents from the Help for Heroes run Recovery Centre, Tedworth House on a visit to Roche Court

The objectives of the visits are as follows:

  • Visits to Roche Court will provide opportunity for all participating in the Tedworth House run programme to access cultural opportunities
  • To support and develop speaking and listening skills and in-house art sessions through critical thinking, observation and group discussion

Steve Burrows, Functional Skills Tutor:

The staff of the Roche Court Educational Trust tailored the visit to our needs concerning Speaking and Listening. The interaction on the visit and feedback we received from those taking part was very positive indeed. In fact one member of the group used Dame Barbara Hepworth and her work/life for his formal discussion the following week.

Through these visits we have found a fantastic way of opening minds, providing mental stimulation, engaging residents with something new and interesting, boosting self-esteem and motivation. Each individual benefits in a different way as the groups are so diverse, they all take away something different and their own personal experiences.

Tedworth House is one of four Recovery Centres run by Help for Heroes, which forms part of the Defence Recovery Capability.  Tedworth House aims to inspire the wounded, injured and sick and returning veterans to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives, which will enable them to reach their full potential and to support them and their families for life.   It is a place of opportunities providing education, training, sport and adventure in a relaxed, understanding and caring environment.  State of the art facilities and dedicated staff aid the road to recovery.

Help for Heroes supports veterans and Serving personnel who have been wounded, injured, or become sick, whilst serving our country. The charity provides immediate, direct support to individuals as well as building long-term support for the future.  Additionally, their families and dependents receive support from the charity as they care for their loved one, and adapt to the new challenges that they face.

To date, Help for Heroes has spent or allocated over £50m for individual support, including direct grants to over 2,500 individuals through the Quick Reaction Fund which are administered by the Service’s own charities.

Help for Heroes has spent or allocated £75m to fund capital projects which will ensure that those who need support as a result of their injuries have the best support available. Capital build projects include a nationwide network of Recovery Centres, the Help for Heroes Rehabilitation Complex at DMRC Headley Court and Fisher House, a place for relatives and loved ones to stay when visiting their wounded heroes at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.