Super Nature: Orange Foam, Cola Moon

Jonathan Trayte, ‘Orange Foam, Cola Moon 1’ © the artist and courtesy New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

About the artist and their artwork: Jonathan Trayte’s sculpture resembles trees in a forest, but in the most artificial materials and colours possible! He originally trained as a chef and is interested in how colours and textures can seem edible. He collects food packaging and his work often reminds us of fruit or confectionary. 

How can we explore this artwork with our senses? SIGHT, SMELL, SOUND, TASTE, TOUCH…

This artist uses vivid colours and his work sometimes reminds us of fruit! Look around your kitchen and explore all the colours fruit that you can you find.

You could also watch the video exploring all the colours of the rainbow in flowers and plants.

Taste different food combinations… create an experimental kitchen! Watch the ‘Homage to Jonathan Trayte’ video for inspiration!

1. Touch and feel textures of fruit and vegetables e.g melon, avocado, lemon.

2. Make your own play-dough and create your own colourful forest, inspired by ‘Orange Foam, Cola Moon’. You could use smelly herbs for a multi-sensory experience. Watch the video to find out how.

Jonathan Trayte collects interesting food packaging. Scrunch food packaging made of different materials and shake food containers. Make it a game – can you guess what it is from the sound it makes? Watch and listen to the video for an example.