Super Nature: Large Left-Handed Drummer

Barry Flanagan, ‘Large Left-Handed Drummer’ 2006 © the artist and courtesy New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

About the artist and their artwork: Barry Flanagan started making abstract art by pouring sand and using fabrics to create strange shapes. The artist later made lots and lots of sculptures of hares dancing, singing and having fun.  

How can we explore this artwork with our senses? SIGHT, SMELL, SOUND, TASTE, TOUCH…

This particular sculpture shows a hare. Do you have any soft animals in your home? Could you feel the surface of this toy on your hands? Would the sculpture be hard or soft? 

Barry Flanagan originally made his sculptures in clay or plaster and liked seeing the traces his hands left on the materials. Can you use playdough to make different marks with your hands? Feel the playdough – is it hot or cold? Watch the video for some ideas of marks and shapes you could make.

A hare is an animal that could be found in a forest. Watch and listen to the animal action songs and stories to discover more woodland creatures. 

Parents or carers of children with PMLD may like to follow along to the songs using our massage instructions.

‘Large Left- Handed Drummer’ shows a hare playing a musical instrument. Can you make instruments from the things in your house? The kitchen has great things like pots and pans and a wooden spoon. Gather a collection of things and see what noises you can make.