Super Nature: ‘Fructus’

Peter Randall-Page, ‘Fructus’ © the artist and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

About the artist and their artwork: Peter Randall-Page is fascinated by the patterns which are all around us in the natural world. The sculptures and artworks he creates are inspired by what he sees in nature. In some sculptures he carves patterns onto the surfaces of rock, like in ‘Fructus’. 

How can we explore this artwork with our senses? TOUCH, SOUND, TASTE, SMELL, SIGHT …

Peter Randall-Page’s art is inspired by nature. Why not have a ‘brush’ with nature and feel the different textures of the natural world. Find out more with our video!

Peter Randall-Page’s studio would be full of noise as he carves stone with tools. Let’s make our own noise with nature and make a nature shaker! Follow our video tutorial to find out how!

Fruits, seeds and nuts. All shapes and patterns that inspire this artist’s work. Gather a platter of things and try different tastes from nature. Here’s a few ideas to get you started: Almonds, corn, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, raspberries and tomatoes. 

There are so many different seeds with interesting shapes and patterns but have you smelt any? Let your nose take you on a journey around your kitchen to smell different seeds and the products they make. Select 3-5 to explore with somebody else and choose your favourite.

Can you notice patterns around you? These might be natural or man-made. Gather a few of the things you find and select your favourite. You may even doodle some of these patterns. Use our mood board (below) to help your discoveries.

You could also watch the video to make your own patterns with paint, using nature as your paintbrush!