Super Nature

The Multi Sensory Art Project 2020

In 2020, whilst we are unable to engage with children and participants face to face, we are seizing the opportunity to share a host of sensory offerings digitally with families and teachers here on our website and our YouTube playlist.

This year, the theme is SUPER NATURE! The artists and educators who create The Multi Sensory Art Project have been inspired by sculptures exhibited at Roche Court Sculpture Park. We invite you to experience, explore and imagine with us. We have created a number of playful videos, images and some information sheets to help you do this at home or at school.

Click on the images below to explore a work of art using sight, sound, smell, taste or touch.

Please use the following links if you are unable to click on the images: Fructus, Large Left-Handed Drummer, Orange Foam Cola Moon.

Read a more detailed Introduction to Super Nature by project founder, Rebecca Churchill, and artist educator, Emma Kerr.

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Please share your contributions with us on social media if you are able by tagging #MultiSensoryArtProject.