New Art Centre

Barbara Hepworth, 'Summer Dance' © the artist and New Art Centre, Roche Court

Barbara Hepworth, ‘Summer Dance’ © the artist and New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park

The New Art Centre was founded in 1958. The original gallery was located in Sloane Street, London. In 1994 it was relocated to Roche Court in Wiltshire, a nineteenth-century house in parkland. The existing house and Orangery were built in 1804.Together with the grounds, Roche Court is now used as a sculpture park and educational centre where work is shown inside and out providing a survey of sculpture for the enjoyment of the public. The New Art Centre represents various artists’ estates including Barbara Hepworth, Kenneth Armitage and Ian Stephenson. The gallery is the venue for a changing programme of exhibitions. All works are for sale and the New Art Centre exhibits annually at the Basel Art Fair. Visit for further details and full listings of artists and artworks.

The New Art Centre founded the Roche Court Educational Trust in 2005.