Laura Ford Workshops

Students from Harrow Way Community School enjoying the workshop
‘Days of Judgement Cat 1′, Laura Ford,  2012, Bronze Ed. 2 of 5 + 1 AP

Laura Ford Workshops                         

Tuesday 19th March

Laura Ford led creative workshops to explore the themes of her practice and in particular relating to her recent exhibition at Roche Court, Laura Ford: Days of Judgement, from 24 November 2012 –3 February 2013. Key ideas within Ford’s work were explored through improvisation and Laura was joined by Theatre Artist Lorna Rees to deliver the content of what proved to be a  fast-moving workshop filled with practical exercises that stimulated a great deal of critical thought.

In the workshops students  looked at how you can express emotions such as ‘anxiety’ and ‘shame’ through movement and how the body may be used to create inspiration for shape within their own artwork. A brief introduction to Beatnik poetry and tableau was included to be used as inspiration in student’s own work.

Roche Court Educational Trust invited students to examine the creative links between visual art and theatre through Laura Ford’s exhibition and were very excited to offer such a wonderful opportunity to work first hand with such an exciting artist.

Students from Harrow Way Community School took up this wonderful opportunity and all had a very successful day.

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These workshops are kindly supported by the Friends of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, UK.