Why take part in ARTiculation?


How can students and teachers benefit from taking part?

Case study and evaluation reports show that taking part in ARTiculation has many positive outcomes for students and teachers.

For Students:

  • Improvement in A-level coursework and exam results
  • Increase in progress points at Key Stage 4
  • Successful university applications
  • Ability to work independently
  • Significant improvement in presentation and public speaking skill

For Teachers:

  • Introducing new teaching ideas
  • Introducing debate and discussion in class
  • Raising the school profile

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What is a teacher’s role in supporting students taking part in the ARTiculation prize?

Read testimonials from teachers who have encouraged their students to get involved in the prize, describing the process from their internal school heat through to the Regional Final and Grand Final.  These documents feature helpful, honest advice on timings through the term, promoting the prize to students and school staff, and preparing presentations for the competition.

Paul McGinty from Abbey Grange Academy shares his school’s experience here

Rose Aidin from University College School and Birte Meyer from St Marylebone School give their advice here

What impact has ARTiculation had on an art gallery?

Tess Radcliffe from Wolverhampton Art Gallery describes the numerous organisational benefits with their involvement in ARTiculation here.   Through delivering several Discovery Days, they have built stronger links with local schools and colleges, and watched students’ confidence grow as they interact, interpret and talk about artworks in their collection.

How has ARTiculation had an impact on you as a student?

Romy Loughman, ARTiculation 2016 Speaker, Brighton and Hove City College

For me personally the opportunity of competing in the Articulation Prize has been significant in helping me develop my confidence, presentation skills and the ability to express my views on any subject matter.

Since taking part in Articulation I have gone on to Volunteer at a visual arts organisation in Brighton. I am currently working as a scenic art apprentice at the Royal Opera House. I can not express enough how important ARTiculation has been in getting me where I am today and I would recommend the experience to anyone. 


Harr-Joht took part in 2014 when she attended King Edward’s school in the West Midlands.



Why should other students take part?

Josiah McNeil, ARTiculation Speaker 2016, West Midlands

On the day of participating I was invited along to Ikon Youth Programme by staff at the gallery, and that in particular has played such a monumental role in both my artistic and professional development.

Further transformative experiences have ensued, including placements at Ikon Gallery and Barber Institute of Fine Art, and speaking at the Association for Art Historian’s Conference at the National Gallery.

ARTiculation helps you get that foot into a door that otherwise felt impenetrable! 

Read more: Interview with Josiah McNeil


What do you gain from taking part in ARTiculation

Benji Kandler took part in ARTiculation in 2017 and is an active member of the ARTiculation Alumni Network and now studies History of Art at Goldsmiths

What kind of opportunities are ARTiculation speakers presented with?