ARTiculation Films

ARTiculation Prize 2018 Grand Final

9 March 2018, Clare College, Cambridge


Evie Faber was awarded First Prize for ARTiculation 2018 for her presentation on articulation prize 2

Diane Arbus, Young Man in Curlers, at Home on West 20th Street, NYC, 1966 

To watch Evie’s presentation see here



Skai Campbell was awarded Second Prize for ARTiculation 2018 for his presentation on Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam!?, 1963articulation prize6

To watch Skai’s presentation see here




Jorge McCready was awarded Third Prize for ARTiculation 2018 for her presentation on  Quentin Matsys, The Ugly Duchess, 1513articulation prize 4

To watch Jorge’s presentation see here




To watch the remainder of the films from the 2018 Finals see here

To watch any film from all the Regional Heats held in 2018 see here

Here is one example of a regional heat talk by Oscar Taperell, Maudslay, Sons & Field, Out of Time, Deal Timeball Tower, 1855.  This talk was given at the London Regional Heat held at the Saatchi Gallery in 2018.

ARTiculation 2017: Looking, Thinking, Speaking

This short film follows the ARTiculation Regional Heat in the West Midlands through to the Final at Clare College, Cambridge in 2017.


ARTiculation Prize 2017 Finals

On the day of the ARTiculation 2017 Finals Sir Antony Gormley RA gave the keynote lecture entitled ‘Making Space’.



Helen Webley-Brown was awarded First Prize at ARTiculation 2017 for her presentation and it can be viewed here

Jaynil Patel is an ARTiculation 2017 Finalist and her presentation can be viewed here

Michael Beattie is an ARTiculation 2017 Finalist and his presentation can be viewed here

Rose Lovegrove is an ARTiculation 2017 Finalist and her presentation can be viewed here

Felicity MacKenzie is an ARTiculation 2017 Finalist and her presentation can be viewed here

A selection of presentations from regional heats in 2017 can be seen here


ARTiculation Prize 2016 Finals

Ten finalists gave their talks at Clare College, Cambridge on 4 March 2016. The following films can be used as learning resources to observe presentation skills, consider how to structure a talk and to think about how to include visual analysis and independent thoughts and conclusions in a presentation.

Before reaching the Finals, students give ARTiculation presentations during Internal School Heats and Regional Heats. Scroll down the page to see a range of subjects and approaches to ARTiculation presentations.

To view Christian Edwards’ presentation on William Blake, I Want! I Want! 1793 see here

To view Abigail Lane’s presentation on Antony Gormley, Blind Light, 2007 see here

To view Hannah Laws’ presentation on Ray Harryhausen, Clash of the Titans, 1981 see here


Selection of past regional heat presentations

These presentations are given at our Regional Heat venues on the subject of art presented by 16 to 19 year olds.

To view Connor Read’s presentation on  ‘A selection of Untitled Works’, 2007 – 2016, Kat Von D see here

To view Jadine Rice’s presentation on Jean-Michel Basquiat, ‘Pork Sans’, 1981, see here

To view Tyler Ward-Bagnald’s presentation on Very Little Helps, 2008, Banksy, see here

To view Leanne Bailham’s presentation on  ‘Ex Machina’, 2015, Rob Hardy  see here


ARTiculation Prize selection of films from past grand finalists and prize winners

To view Zoe Berkeley’s presentation on Phillip Toledano, Inflatable Water Toy (part of ‘The Absent Portrait’ series), 2013 see here

To view Eleanor Stephens’ presentation on Cindy Sherman, Untitled #153, 1985, see here

To view Ellen Prizeman’s presentation on Anselm Kiefer, Aschenblume (Ash Flower), 1983 – 97, see here

To view Thomas Leung’s presentation on The Turbine Hall, see here

To view Jodie Williamson’s  presentation on Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, 2001. see here

To view Madeleine Onstwedder’s presentation on Kazimir Malevich, Painterly Realism of a Boy with a Knapsack – Color Masses in the Fourth Dimension, 1915  see here

To view Stanislaw Braminksi’s presentation on Rembrandt van Rijn, Ecce Homo, 1655 see here

To view Marcella Montagnese’s presentation on Tibetan Monks from the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, Mandala, 2013 see here

To view Tatyana Serraino’s presentation on Alberto Giacometti, Walking Man, 1960 see here

To view Molly Nickson’s presentation on Henry Moore, Standing Figure:Knife Edge see here