ARTiculation Films

ARTiculation Prize 2020: Grand Final Films

Eight speakers came together on 13 March 2020 at Clare College, Cambridge to compete in the ARTiculation Grand Final adjudicated by Sir Nicholas Serota CH, Chair, Arts Council England. This was the culmination of over 1,000 student presentations and 16 Regional Finals & Heats across England.

Charles Lee (Xaverian College, Manchester) was awarded First Prize for his presentation on The Proud Trust Centre.

Watch his presentation here

Macy Biss (Burgate School, Hampshire) was awarded Second Prize for her presentation on Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills (1977-80).

Watch her presentation here

Sienna Lakin (Guildford High School, Surrey) was awarded Third Prize for her presentation on Chris Rush’s Swim II (2008).

Watch her presentation here

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ARTiculation Prize 2019: Grand Final Films

1 March 2019, Clare College, Cambridge

Zach Taylor was awarded First Prize for ARTiculation 2019 for his presentation on Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait aged 51/53, 1657-59

To watch Zach’s presentation see here

Lottie Simpson was awarded Second Prize for ARTiculation 2019 for her presentation on Marina Abramović’s Rhythm 0, 1974

To watch Lottie’s presentation see here

Oliver Garland was awarded Third Prize for ARTiculation 2019 for his presentation on Richard Hamilton’s Kent State, 1970

To watch Oliver’s presentation see here

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ARTiculation Prize 2018: Films

To watch the films from the 2018 Grand Final see here

To watch any film from all the Regional Heats held in 2018 see here

Here is one example of a regional heat talk by Oscar Taperell, Maudslay, Sons & Field, Out of Time, Deal Timeball Tower, 1855.  This talk was given at the London Regional Heat held at the Saatchi Gallery in 2018

ARTiculation 2017: Looking, Thinking, Speaking

This short film follows the ARTiculation Regional Heat in the West Midlands through to the Final at Clare College, Cambridge in 2017.

ARTiculation Prize 2017 Finals

On the day of the ARTiculation 2017 Finals Sir Antony Gormley RA gave the keynote lecture entitled ‘Making Space’.

A selection of presentations from regional heats in 2017 can be seen here