Careers Support


ARTiculation works with partners to introduce career opportunities open to students studying arts subjects.

Every year students who take part in ARTiculation are matched with museums and galleries local to them for work experience placements.

Josiah McNeil from Bishop Vesey’s, West Midlands commented on his placement.

The placements between the Ikon Gallery and Barber Institute of Fine Arts have been most rewarding in offering useful insight into the differing facets of the gallery. My time at the Ikon coincided with the install of the new exhibit, providing me with rich opportunities to participate in the removal of Dan Flavin’s works and finalise conditioning reports on them. I assisted the Programme Manager and Director with a cross-comparison between Bruton’s paintings and the catalogue images to ensure accuracy and consistency. Certainly by competing in ARTiculation and the experiences that have followed, my relationship and approach to art has changed indefinitely and for the better.

Rozenn Logan, Head of Education at the Saatchi Gallery, invited Fikria from Frances Bardsley Academy for work experience.

Fikria came to the Saatchi Gallery for two days of shadowing/work experience. Over the two days, she shadowed different departments and undertook some tasks for the Education and Collections department. Daniela, our Collection Manager & Exhibitions Coordinator, spoke about her role and how she got into it. Fikria particularly enjoyed this as she told me that she is very interested in the collections side of galleries and curating.


The Association of Art Historians have made this films ‘Thinking about Art: Why is Art History is Important’. If you are considering studying History of Art, this might help you formulate some ideas.


The Sorrell Foundation have interviewed creative professionals as part of the Creative Journeys project.

‘Watch these films to hear from some of the UK’s leading designers, architects, engineers and other creative professionals about how they got started, and learn how the options you choose for GCSE can help you begin your own creative journey’

You can watch an introduction to Creative Journeys here and visit the website for full interviews with professionals.


The Roche Court Educational Trust holds an annual careers seminar at the New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park. The one-day seminar is for young people aged 16-24 who wish to find out more about careers in art, craft and design from experts in their respective fields.


Watch films of past presentations


For more information and to book contact or telephone 01980 862802