ARTiculation Discovery Days

Student talking about art at the Dulwich Picture as part of a ARTiculation Discovery Day in 2019.

Student talking about Adam Pynacker’s Landscape with Sportsmen and Game at the Dulwich Picture Gallery as part of an ARTiculation Discovery Day in 2019.

ARTiculation workshops, known as Discovery Days, have been designed to stimulate student interest and understanding of visual culture while developing observation, research, critical analysis, language, presentation and public speaking skills. Led by art experts, students are encouraged to think independently, ask informed questions and analyse information.

ARTiculation Discovery Days

The ARTiculation Discovery Day is a workshop open to Key Stage 4 and 5 students designed to develop and support students’ understanding and engagement with art.  During the workshops students will explore art works through personal observation, discussion and research and will be introduced to tips on how to conquer nerves, physically prepare, and successfully deliver a presentation to large audiences. At the end of the day each student will deliver their research and personal responses in short group presentations to the workshop leaders and their fellow student investigators.

As part of the ARTiculation outreach, Discovery Days are open to all students from state-maintained schools.

To see highlights from Discovery Days 2019 see Instagram Story Highlights covering ARTiculation’s journey sweeping the nation delivering Discovery Days and engaging with students at museums and galleries across the nation.

ARTiculation Ambassador Training

We are now in the process of developing our Ambassador programme, which trains 18-to-25 -year-olds to deliver public speaking skills and will bring confidence to talk about visual culture to young people in schools. It will also enable us to expand our growing outreach, offering paid opportunities to Ambassadors to co-deliver Discovery Days with members of the ARTiculation Team.